Moisture control costs

Have you noticed moisture in the walls of your house? In this case it becomes important and necessary to address this problem as soon as possible. Moisture in your home not only has a negative effect on the appearance of your walls, but can also lead to the formation of mold, which is harmful to health. Are you also thinking about solving the humidity problems in your house? If so, do not hesitate any longer, read on and find out exactly how much this will cost.

How much does moisture control cost?

Moisture control can be done in several ways. For example, a preventive measure can be applied, but it is also possible to choose to control an existing moisture problem. The average cost of moisture control is shown in the table below:

Type of moisture control Project Average price
Excessive moisture (the type of moisture control in this situation is injection) The injection of an external wall of 8 linear meters. About $805
Injection of the inner and outer cavity wall of 8 linear meters. About $1540
Repair and injection of a wall of 8 linear meters About $2370
Soaking of moisture (impregnation instead of injection) Impregnation of the outer wall (100 square meters) About $920
Cleaning and impregnation of a facade (100 square meters). About $1860
Grouting, cleaning, and impregnation of a facade (100 square meters). About $3200
Sealing of the basement Complete waterproofing of a basement with a maximum area of 16 square meters. About $2100


The price structure of moisture control

The price structure of moisture control consists of two parts. The material costs are by far the largest. They account for 80 percent of the total cost. The remaining 20 percent is then reserved for labor costs. In certain situations, you can also perform the humidity control yourself, but this is not really recommended. A specialist has special equipment, as well as all the necessary products needed to solve the humidity problem at hand.

Decisions that influence the cost of Humidity Control

Various decisions you make can either increase or decrease the cost price of humidity control. We would be pleased to list these options for you:

Option 1: The technology

In most cases, it is not easy to determine the exact cause and severity of the moisture problem. For this reason, it is always advisable to have a so-called moisture measurement carried out by a specialist. With such a measurement (the price for this varies from 0 to $53) you can perfectly determine what kind of moisture control is necessary in your situation.

Option 2: Have mold removed

Do you have a problem with mold on your walls? In this case you might want to have it removed as soon as possible. Mold do not only affect the appearance of your walls; it is also detrimental to your health. The average cost of removing mold is about $154 per 3 square meters.

Option 3: Repairing the wall

In most cases, moisture problems are caused by a bad or damaged wall. Moisture could then seep through cracks and crevices in the sealant. Repairing the grout will ensure that the moisture problem is addressed and that the wall is protected from such problems in the future. A price of between $20 and $25 per square meter is charged for grouting a wall. The material and VAT are included in this price.


It is important to request more than one quote/estimate, should you want to have one or more walls impregnated. The costs can often vary greatly, so it is worth comparing quotes from different companies. As already mentioned, the average price for impregnating walls is between $6 and $11 per square meter without VAT, which quickly drives up the cost for a larger wall. For this very reason, it is worthwhile to obtain several offers and haggle over them if necessary.