Wall demolition costs

When you are renovating, it may be required that you bring down a wall. This gives you more space and a more open design. You can demolish a wall yourself or have it done by a demolition company. Here, you can learn more about the costs involved and how you can demolish a wall yourself.

The costs

The demolition of a non-load-bearing wall is not expensive. The larger the area, the cheaper the price per square meter. The following table shows this, taking into consideration the value added tax and labor costs. If you want to demolish a load-bearing wall, the costs are higher. These will vary according to the situation, and you can best find out by contacting different demolition companies.

Type of wall Surface area Price per m2
Hard grey stone wall 5 m2 $95
50 m2 $80
100 m2 $70
Clinker wall 5 m2 $100
50 m2 $85
100 m2 $75
Sand-lime brick wall 5 m2 $70
50 m2 $68
100 m2 $63


Tear down the wall yourself: The cheapest option is to tear down the wall yourself. If the wall is not a supporting wall, it will not be too difficult. If it is a load-bearing wall, then there are a few additional things to consider, such as supporting the beams above it to prevent the wall from collapsing. You should therefore be sure that you know the risks before you start.

Have others demolish it: You can also have the wall demolished by a professional company. This takes many problems out of your hands, such as cleaning up and disposing of the debris. You can find the prices for this in the table above.

Demolition of a large supporting wall: Would you like to have a large supporting wall demolished and then make the space safe to use again? This takes more time and the procedure is more complicated. The best way to find out how much this would cost you is to get a quote.

How do you recognize a supporting wall?

You can assume that a wall is not a load-bearing wall if it does not support any other element in the house. You can always consult the house’s construction plans or call in a specialist for this. Supporting walls are always made of strong materials and are thick. Do you know where the original beams run in your house? If they are on a specific wall, then you cannot tear that down. After all, you can almost always assume that the original exterior walls are load-bearing walls and that this is also the case if the wall extends to an upper floor.

Tear down the wall by yourself

If you are handy and have the necessary tools, you can tear down the wall yourself. This is only possible if the wall in question is not a supporting/retaining wall. If this is not the case, it is better to call in a professional company. If you are to do it yourself, you will need the right protection, such as gloves, goggles, and safety shoes. You will also need a mean of getting rid of the rubble, for example by renting a container. A crowbar, chisel, sledgehammer, sharpener, and wheelbarrow are also practical. Always check the electricity, gas, and water pipes. You can start demolition right away, while cleaning up the rubble. Use the electric machines for the heavier material, while a crowbar and chisel are handy for precision work.

Compare quotes

Would you like to know exactly how much it would cost you to have a certain wall torn down? Then you can use our non-binding comparison tool. This tool can quickly provide you with a range of offers that you can compare in your own time. You can use these when planning your work or to decide whether you want to tear down the wall yourself or have it torn down. The service is free and without obligation and can save you up to 30 percent of the total price.