Pool construction costs

The winter months are behind us. It’s time to put the winter coat away and to get the summer clothes out. That’s also to moment to spend more time in your garden. Something people like more and more is to build a pool. It’s something that for many people seems like an unattainable luxury. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There are many ways to build a pool. We have listed them for you, along with the costs involved.

Which pools can you build yourself?

A swimming pool is something you don’t necessarily have to have built by a company. If you have a mini excavator – which you can rent from a rental company – you can easily dig the hole for your pool itself. There are many systems for a self-built swimming pool. The best known system for a larger garden is the prefabricated foil pool. You are buying a frame in which you put the swimming pool of foil material. The shape of your pool is then fixed. You hang a foil in the frame and connect the equipment and the filter to maintain the pool. Another kind of pool that you could still set up yourself is a jacuzzi. This pool is a lot smaller and therefore needs less space. You can’t really swim in it, but it’s still very relaxing.

What are the average costs?

average pool construction costs

Which pool should you construct?

A monoblock polyester swimming pool should be installed. This pool has a solid container and a solid shape. Usually this pool is rectangular in shape. This pool has the great advantage that it’s made of a strong material. The lifespan will therefore be considerably higher than that of a swimming pool made of prefabricated foil. Placement will also be fairly quick; in just a few days you’ll be able to enjoy your landscaped pool. A monoblock ceramic pool is a better buy if you have it installed. This has by far the longest lifespan. The properties are better than those of a monoblock polyester pool.

The best thing you can lay under swimming pools is architectural foil pool. You can have this pool delivered in any desired shape. This pool is made with a base of concrete in which foil is placed. To be able to enjoy this pool in the summer, it is better to have it placed before the beautiful weather starts. The construction will take some time. The price is also the highest. Because of the special shape you’ll have a very exclusive pool.

How much does it cost to build a pool?

What kind of pool do you want to have installed What is the size of the pool What are the specifications of the pool What is the price of the pool, excluding installation
Prefabricated foil swimming pool Between 16 by 33 foot and 65 by 65 foot Reasonable life span, self-assembly, solid form Between 5,450 and 16,350 dollars
Monoblock polyester swimming pool Between 16 by 33 foot and 65 by 65 foot Longer lifespan life, solid material, must be installed Between 8,750 and 32,700 dollars
Architectural foil pool na Can be supplied in any desired form Between 16,350 and 32,700 dollars
Jacuzzi 10 meters by 13 foot Small pool, more intended for relaxation than for swimming Between 2,100 and 5,450 dollars

How is the price tag of the construction of a swimming pool composed?

How much you pay for the construction of a swimming pool is up to you on the basis of the choices you make when you purchase it. We have listed the choices for you.

  • Choice 1: How big is your pool? The more space you have for a pool, the more you will have to spend on it. However, you should also bear in mind that a large swimming pool also needs to be maintained and therefore also needs a stronger pump and filter. Just buying a swimming pool aren’t the only costs; you’ll continue to pay for it. But bigger is better when it comes to pools.
  • Choice 2: What material is your pool made of? A swimming pool with polyester foil is the cheapest version. However, this is a variant that is subject to considerable wear and tear. The material may not be wafer-thin, but it’s not really very strong either. You will have to replace a cheap pool after about 10 years. A concrete pool with foil in it is the most expensive. Because of the protection of the concrete, however, this pool will last for years. You can enjoy this for up to 30 years.
  • Choice 3: Would you like a roof over your pool. You can choose to have your pool covered. For about 1010 dollars you buy a beautiful terrace roof that you can also assemble yourself. This allows your pool all year round. An additional advantage is that you’ll get less dirt from outside in your pool. Leaf from the trees and bird droppings can no longer get into your pool.

Practical saving tips

Do a part yourself. Building a pool is a pricey thing. A very important part of this is labor costs. You can save on this by doing a part yourself. For example, you can dig the hole in front of the pool with a mini excavator and dispose the ground. This will have everything ready when your pool is delivered and placed.

Requesting quotes

You can easily save on the purchase of your pool by requesting quotations. You can do this with just one click on the button below. You will receive free quotations from pool suppliers in your own area. By comparing these quotations you can save up to 30 percent on the purchase of a swimming pool.