Skylight installation costs

By installing a skylight in your home, you can bring a dark space to life and create a natural incidence of light. This is particularly useful in offices, hobby rooms or kitchens, but every dark room will benefit from this. A skylight is a row of roof windows that is surrounded by a framework. The room has to be under a flat roof in order to realize this. Skylights are often found in greenhouses and on porches. You can read how much you pay for a skylight here.

Costs for installing skylights

The costs

The price you will pay for your new skylight depends on a number of things. A custom-made skylight is more expensive than a standard one. In addition, there are the dimensions, the preferred material and any additional options, such as electrical controls and blinds. The costs charged by the installation company may also vary. The table below shows the average prices for skylights of various sizes and materials.

Type of skylight Steel Aluminium Wood Plastic
7 windows $6800 – $7350 $5450 – $6000 $4350 – $4900 $3900 – $4450
6 windows $6250 – $7100 $5300 – $5850 $3800 – $4350 $3600 – $4150
5 windows $5800 – $6300 $4900 – $5450 $3550 – $4100 $3250 – $3800
4 windows $5450 – $6000 $4360 – $4900 $3250 – $3800 $3000 – $3550
3 windows $4900 – $5450 $3980 – $4525 $2950 – $3500 $2550 – $3100
2 windows $4350 – $4900 $3650 – $4200 $2450 – $3000 $2200 – $2750

 Plastic skylight with 2 windows: you’ ll be impressed how much difference a 2-window skylight can make in your home. For about $2150 to $2750 you’ll already be able to buy a plastic one and have it installed. This is a very cost-effective solution if you have a dark room and a tight budget.

Aluminium skylight with 4 windows: are you looking for durable and strong material with a modern touch? Then aluminium is a good option. You can have an aluminium skylight installed for between $4350 and $4900. This is more expensive than a similar skylight made of wood or plastic, but aluminium has a certain appearance that cannot be imitated by other materials.

Steel skylight with 7 windows: if you like modern, sleek and slim, then steel is an ideal material for your skylight. It is strong, allowing it to support larger glass panels with a thinner frame. Steel is the most expensive option there is, but it fits perfectly in a home with an industrial interior. You pay about $6800 to $7350 including installation for a steel skylight with 7 windows.

The price structure

The way in which the total price for your new skylight is built-up will tell you how to save money. In this case, these are labor costs, materials and call-out costs. The materials weigh the most (in the case of plastics this will shift slightly) and take up 55 percent of the total costs. The remaining 45 percent consists of labor costs (40 percent) and call-out costs (5 percent). By doing it yourself, you’ll be able to save up to 45 percent of the total price, that’s almost half of the price! Try to keep the material costs as low as possible by searching the market for deals and promotions. This price structure can be seen again in the following diagram.

Choices that affect the price

The final price for your skylight is determined by a number of choices.

  • The material: each material has a different look and the best choice for you depends on your budget and your preference. You can always opt for plastic with a wood or metallic look if wood, aluminium and steel are too expensive for you.
  • The dimensions: even with a small skylight you’ll notice an big difference. So it might be better to have a smaller skylight rather than save on the material.
  • The extra options: you have the possibility to include extra options in your skylight. A solar control glass, for example, or electric controls. You can also add several layers of glass, keeping the raining noises out.

Interesting savings tips

Here are a few tips to help you keep the cost of your skylight low.

  • Consider second-hand: you need a little time and patience, but sometimes they offer perfect second-hand skylights for a fraction of the price.
  • Ask your neighbors: perhaps your neighbors are also interested in having a skylight installed. If you offer the job at the same time, you can negotiate a more favorable price.

Compare offers

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