PVC/ vinyl /linoleum floor costs

Your own home is a precious possession. If you are going to renovate your house or if you are just moving into a house, you’d want to pay extra attention to the largest areas in a house. In this case we are talking about the floor. A floor in a house can be chosen in various materials and styles. We’ve looked at a variety of floor coverings. We looked at floors made of PVC, vinyl and linoleum.

What is the difference between a PVC floor, vinyl and linoleum?

When you want to buy a floor that is smooth, but also shock-absorbing, you’ll quickly end up with a PVC floor, a vinyl floor or a linoleum floor. We looked at the differences between these floors for you.

PVC floor. A PVC floor is a plastic floor that you buy per meter. The material is on a roll and you buy how much you need. A PVC floor is made of a slightly stiffer material. It’ll be on a roll usually, but you can also buy it in strips. This also includes the popular laminate slab. This is a PVC floor with a wood print.

Vinyl floor. A vinyl floor is always bought by the meter. The material is not very thick and is very flexible. A vinyl floor can be purchased in all kinds of prints. You can choose between a print with classic tiles or a wood print. With a vinyl floor you can also get a fantasy print.

Linoleum floor. Unlike a PVC floor and a vinyl floor, a linoleum floor is made of natural material. The underlay of a linoleum floor is made of wool. This has a number of major advantages. The color is usually not even, the material is lively and the floor has a natural insulating effect. After all, wool has a highly insulating effect.

What are the costs of a PVC floor, vinyl and linoleum?

We asked several suppliers about the costs of a PVC floor, vinyl and linoleum. We looked at various options and came to the following findings.

Which product or service Per which unit is the price calculated What is the price per unit
Vinyl, per 3 linear foot on a 13 foot wide roll Per 3 linear foot Between 45 and 75 dollars
PVC, per 11 square foot converted Per 11 square foot Between 35 and 50 dollars
Linoleum, per 11 square foot Per 11 square foot, including measuring and laying Between 25 and 50 dollars
Floor specialist, for laying vinyl or PVC Per hour Between 50 and 65 dollars

If you’re quite handy. If you are a good with your hands, it’s easy to lay your own vinyl or PVC floor. A linoleum floor might also be possible, but you’ll need to have experience with this material. That is because the linoleum floor has to be varnished several times after it has been laid before it can withstand moisture and intensive use.

If you’re not handy. If you aren’t good with your hands, you might want to hire a laying team from your floor supplier. This laying team will charge per 3 linear foot or per hour. An average floor-laying crew charges a rate of 50 to 65 dollar per hour.

How is the price composed?

How much you pay for a vinyl, PVC or linoleum floor is up to you on the basis of the choices you make. We have listed these choices for you.

  • Choice 1: Which floor covering to choose. A vinyl floor covering is usually the cheapest solution. You buy a floor like this for a reasonably low price. But you’ll have a floor that is relatively vulnerable. Scratches or cracks are easily made in a vinyl floor. A PVC floor is a more expensive choice. This floor has a firmer top layer and is usually better suited for more intensive use. You buy a linoleum floor for the long term. This floor has the longest lifespan, which can be as long as 30 years when properly maintained.
  • Choice 2: What life expectancy do you expect from a floor covering? In the case of vinyl, you get what you pay for. If you buy a vinyl floor covering, it’ll be cheap. But they don’t have a long life span. 10 years at best. After that, the material becomes porous and the colors fade. If you opt for PVC, you will have a lifespan of up to 20 years. The material is stiffer and keeps it colors longer. If you damage your floor, you can also quickly replace a strip. A linoleum floor has the longest lifespan. These floors can last up to 30 years when you properly maintain it. If the shine fades or if the top layer is damaged, you can even choose to have the floor repainted.
  • Choice 3: What shape does your floor have? If you buy a floor for a square or straight room, with a standard width, they’re reasonably affordable. If you have a floor in a non-standard width or if you have a number of recesses or protrusions, it means it’ll be more expensive as you will have to buy several meters of material.

Practical saving tips

Requesting quotations

The quickest way to save on the purchase of a vinyl, PVC or linoleum floor is to request quotations. You can do this with one click on the button below. You can immediately request several non-binding quotations to compare with each other. Comparing these quotations can save you up to 30 percent.