Floor levelling costs

Your own home is a precious possession. The floors are a large part of your house, and it will cost you a lot of money. When you are going to renovate a house, you will have to pay attention to the floor. A house that you are going to decorate after the renovation but which has an uneven floor will never be nicely leveled. The floor covering you choose will always hover and sometimes even descend. A cupboard or bench on top of it will never stand straight properly and it may even wobble. You want to prevent all this from happening. That is why we give you an idea of the costs of levelling a floor.

When should a floor be levelled

Floors are delivered in various materials. Until about 1980, floors usually came in a type of gravel concrete. The floors were uneven and had to be levelled by the buyer. Ground floors often looked acceptable, but the top floor and the attic deserved your attention when renovating. A floor made of gravel concrete is best levelled with gravel.

How to level a wooden floor

Another type of floor that often likes to become uneven due to intensive use is a wooden floor. Whether it’s a floor made of boards or hardwood, wood is a natural product and tends to become warped when it comes into contact with water. You can level a wooden floor by tackling the problem from above. You will have to sand the floor (or have it sanded) with a very fine grain, after which the floor will be repainted. This won’t have the planks of the wooden floor less warped, but the warped effect will be visually removed. This is the great advantage of a wooden floor; you don’t have to remove the floor.

How much does it cost to level a floor?

We have enquired with a number of flooring suppliers and flooring contractors about the costs of levelling a wood or concrete floor. We came to the following findings.

Which product or service Per which unit is the price calculated What is the price per unit
Concrete floor levelling with Egaline Per 3 square foot Between 8 and 22 dollars
Sanding and re-lacquering wooden floor Per 3 square foot Between 40 and 50 dollars


How is the price composed?

When a floor needs to be levelled, it comes with a price tag. We have enquired for you how that price tag is composed.

  • Choice 1: On which level is the floor. When you want to level a concrete ground floor, you’ll usually come to the conclusion that the floor is not that bad. Often there are holes in the floor, but the base is fairly even. A floor on a higher level will usually be less. Such a floor often needs considerable levelling for it to be straight and taut. The attic is often worst off. If you don’t want to use the attic for residential purposes, it’s a good idea to put a solid underlay on this floor and to lay a floor on top of it. You don’t have to work with Egaline there.
  • Choice 2: How easily is your floor accessible? Egaline is a liquid that must be supplied from a tank on a pallet. If you are levelling a floor, it’s important that this floor is easily accessible. A ground floor is easily accessible in most cases. A higher floor requires more work. You’ll have to pay for that work.
  • Choice 3: What is the shape of the floor? When you have a floor that is straight, it’ll be easy to level. However, if you have a floor that has a lot of protrusions and niches, it’ll more difficult to level the floor. The costs will increase and can be as high as 30 dollars Per 3 square feet.
  • Choice 4: What is the maintenance state of a floor? A floor made of wood or concrete that has never been properly maintained could be extremely uneven. This has repercussions on the price of levelling such a floor. If you are buying a house with a lot of floor space, you might want to include the maintenance state of the floor in the purchase price. If you are going to renovate a floor after buying the house, you managed to set aside some money for levelling.
  • Choice 5: Does the floor have to be levelled after an accident? If you’ve had an accident like a leakage, resulting in the wooden floor being partly warped, there’s a good chance that you won’t have to pay the costs of the flooring specialist. Often your insurance will cover this.

Requesting quotations

The quickest way to save on floor levelling is to request quotations. With one click on the button below, you can request several quotations without any obligation. You can compare these quotations with each other. You may save up to 45 percent, especially on labor costs.