Rats and mice control costs

Mice and rats must be the most annoying animals you can have in your home. First of all, they spread a penetrating smell and they can cause a short circuit or even a fire by gnawing at the cabling. To make sure that the damage that mice and rats can cause is kept to a minimum, it is always worthwhile to call in a professional to fight them. We would like to list the costs involved in controlling mice and rats in detail for you on this page.

How much does fighting rats and mice cost?

Mice are known to reproduce very quickly. A single mouse can have as many as 120 offspring in just one year. Moreover, this offspring is sexually mature in just a few weeks. This means that every mouse you see in your house means that there are about 50 mice in total. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? As soon as you see the first mouse, you need to call a professional immediately. That’s the only way you ensure that the inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

Type of control Average cost
Fighting mice About 80 dollars incl. travel expenses
Fighting a mouse plague About 140 dollars incl. travel expenses

In order to determine how much you are going to pay, we’ll provide you with three concrete examples. By taking into account the description of the different situations, it’s possible to determine which costs will apply in your case.

Cheapest way to combat mice and rats. The cheapest option to combat mice and rats is to prevent them from seeing your home as an interesting place to set up camp. For prevention, keep your food in metal containers. In addition, it is always important not to leave any waste behind and to clean your kitchen on a regular basis. This is the only way to ensure that no mice or rats are attracted.

Most common pest control. When you see a single mouse or rat walking in your home, you always need to act. Don’t wait too long, because these rascals will reproduce very quickly. When you call on a professional pest controller, he or she will quickly visit you to spray poison. In addition, all cracks and holes are immediately sealed. The costs for controlling mice and rats are about 80 dollars and travel expenses.

Most expensive control of mice and rats. When a single mouse or rat is detected in your home, it is a very small step to a mouse or rat infestation. If there is a plague, the specialist will need to work much longer, which means higher costs. To combat such a scourge, it will cost about 140 dollars.

The price structure of mouse and rat control

Now that you have a good idea of the average price charged for controlling rats and mice, we are going to look at the price structure of. When we evaluate this price structure, we find that 65% of the costs are labor costs. In turn, 35% of the costs will be spent on the material used to combat the disease.


The fact that the cost of labor is so high when it comes to combating mice and rats in your home doesn’t have to be a problem, quite the contrary. After all, labor costs are costs that can always be relatively easily reduced, for example by carrying out an objective comparison. This means that you can save a neat 40 % of the total costs in no time at all, and that is a very good thing for everyone!

Choices that affect the price of mice and rats

If you want to call on a professional for the control of mice and rats in your home, it is always important to remember that various factors can influence the cost of the control. We’ve listed these different choices for you.

Choice 1: Fighting mice and rats yourself?

At first sight it doesn’t seem that difficult to kill mice and rats yourself, but in practice this can sometimes be disappointing. Mice, for example, are very shy and aren’t easy to catch. Only by calling on the services of a professional you can be sure that your mouse and rat problem will be tackled at its core and that it won’t happen again. Taking care of mice and rats yourself is not the best idea for a long term solution.

Choice 2: Using a pest-free unit

Do you want to reduce the cost of fighting mice and rats in your home? You could consider buying a so-called pest free unit. Such a unit adjusts the electromagnetic structure in your home in such a way that mice and rats get a lot of stress from it. This ensures that they will leave your home very quickly and without you having to fight them. Such a unit will cost between 100 and 120 dollars.

Interesting savings tips

Do you also have to deal with mice and/or rats in your home and would you like to combat them at the lowest possible cost? In that case, using the saving tips below is undoubtedly a very interesting choice!

  • Quantity discount. Because rats and especially mice are often found in large numbers, they often spread to different homes. There’s a big chance that your neighbor also has to deal with mice or rats. When you tackle them together, you can always count on an interesting volume discount. This volume discount is between 10 and 20 percent.
  • Get up to speed yourself. In a lot of houses there are a lot of cracks and fissures. These openings (especially behind the refrigerator) are particularly inviting for small animals such as mice and rats. Closing these cracks is a first step in the prevention, but also in the control of mice and rats. You don’t have to call on a professional to save costs when it comes to prevention.