Heat pumps costs

If you are interested in ways of making your house more energy efficient, you have probably already come across the possibility of installing a heat pump. Heat pumps use heat from the air, ground, or groundwater to heat water or air. It is for this reason that you can find heat pumps that work as central heating boilers, in clothes dryers or air conditioners. Heat pumps are particularly energy-efficient in that they do not use gas and hardly any electricity. Does this sound attractive? If so, then you should carefully read through the following information pertaining to heat pumps.

The costs

The costs for heat pumps vary greatly. There are cheaper devices that are easy to install and there are devices that require excavation work and are therefore considerably more expensive. In general, heat pumps are usually not cheap because they are still new in the market and their technology is somewhat complicated. However, this should not stop you from buying a heat pump, as you will get your investment back and then make a pure profit. The following overview gives you an idea on the costs you should expect for the different types of heat pumps, including installation, VAT, and materials.

Type Average cost
Air – Air $3255-$7575
Hybrid 2275-5500€ $2700-$6500
Air – Water $6500-$14200
Soil – Water At least $10650
Water – Water At least $16000


Types of heat pumps

With all the financial information out of the way, you can see that buying a heat pump can indeed results in savings in the long term. On average, you can start saving in about 10 years, and the amounts you save will be worth it. That is why it is always a good idea to take a look at your options and the types of heat pumps you can buy, depending on the type of heat you consume, for example from the air, water or soil.

Advantages and disadvantages of heat pumps

It is still possible that after reading the above information you still have doubts about whether to buy a heat pump, or not. We therefore recommend that you seek advice from a specialist and obtain comprehensive information about the options available to you. Sometimes it can help to compare the advantages and disadvantages, and we have briefly listed them here.


Having purchased a heat pump, you can live without using natural gas. An inexhaustible energy source will be used to heat your water. This means that you become much more energy efficient, you save on your energy bill and the investment pays off with these savings. In many cases these savings are pure profit after 10 years.

With a heat pump system, not only will you be able to heat your house, you will also be able to cool it. Pipes can be installed in your floors and walls, making your house much more comfortable even in summer.

With a heat pump system, your house receives a better energy label. This automatically means that the value of your house increases, and it will be easier to sell. Who would not like to buy a house that can be heated for almost free?

Heat pumps have a service life of about 25 years – even 30 years if you take proper care of them. That is twice as long, compared to the service life of a boiler. Moreover, heat pumps only need little maintenance, and a preventive check every two years is sufficient.


Heat pumps are expensive, especially when digging in your yard is required. The initial costs are considerable. In the long run, heat pumps may be cheaper, but that does not help you with your first purchase.

The efficiency especially of heat pumps that use air as a source is not always stable. During a cold period in winter your heat pump may not be able to produce enough heat and your central heating boiler will have to step in.

Installing a heat pump is not always easy. Sometimes large excavations need to be carried out and your garden will be completely turned upside down. This can cause a lot of inconvenience both for you and for the people around you.

Heat pumps are often large and take up more space than central heating boilers.

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