Controlling Longhorn costs

You need to get rid of longhorn beetles from your home as quickly as possible. Leaving the beetle untouched could have very serious consequences. These beetles look very dirty, but they’re even more dangerous than they look. That is because the longhorn beetle larvae are better known as “woodworms”. These larvae seem quite harmless at first sight, but can cause a lot of damage to wooden furniture in your house. That’s why it’s always a good idea to prevent these small animals from appearing. Are you looking for a way to fight longhorn beetle and would you like to know what the costs are? We’ll gladly tell you all about it on this page!

How much does fighting the longhorn beetle cost?

When it comes to the costs that are charged for controlling the longhorn beetle, the nature and extent of the problem is what should be looked at first. If you deal with it early, before the problem manifests itself, solving the problem will be a lot easier and cheaper. In the table below you can find the prices how much it costs to combat longhorn beetles.

Type of longhorn beetle control Average cost price
Combating longhorn beetle in the early stages About 4 dollars per 11 square foot
Late stage beetle control About $8 per 11 square foot

The possibilities and costs above will give you a good first idea of the costs involved to combat longhorn beetles. But we’ve also provided two concrete practical examples for clarification.

Cheapest solution. The cheapest solution is only possible if the problem is tackled from early on. In this case, there’re usually only longhorn beetles and no woodworms targeting your furniture yet. At this stage the costs to combat them are about 3 to 4 dollars per 11 square foot.

Most expensive solution. If you’ve noticed that there were longhorn beetles, you might have a bigger problem on your hand. Now it’s not only the longhorn beetle you need to worry about, but you also need to get rid of the woodworms. This will take much more time and effort. That’s why this will cost about USD 8 per 11 square foot.

Price structure for controlling longhorn beetles

The price structure of beetle control consists of two parts. Labor costs make up the majority with 65%. 35% is for materials and other things. In any case, the labor costs is always the most important cost in the fight against longhorn beetles, and that is not a bad thing at all.

The labor costs for controlling longhorn beetles can be very easily reduced by comparing the different professionals who offer such a service. By carrying out an objective comparison, you might save a very attractive 40%. This’ll make controlling longhorn beetles much cheaper.


Choices that influence the cost price of longhorn beetle control

As you’ve already noticed, there are many different factors that can influence the cost price of beetle control. We’ve listed these factors for you so, in order to get a good overview.

Choice 1: Fighting longhorn beetle yourself or not?

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you are going to fight the longhorn beetle yourself or whether you are going to outsource this. From a financial perspective, controlling the longhorn beetle yourself might be interesting, but working with poison often requires a lot of experience. In addition, there should be no use of faulty products and it is always important to be able to work in a truly safe manner. In any case, outsourcing beetle control is always the best choice. Professional controller always have all the best products available and also know exactly how to use them.

Choice 2: Take preventive measures or not?

Taking preventive measures can not only ensure that longhorn beetle can be prevented, but when they do manifest themselves, it’s much easier to control. This can significantly reduce the costs charged for the fight against longhorn beetles, which is always a plus.

Interesting savings tips

Fighting longhorn beetles always come at a cost. Even though these costs might not be excessive, for many people it’s still important to save on them. This saving can be done by applying one or more of the following saving tips.

  • Quantity discount. Aren’t you the only person in the street who has to deal with longhorn beetles? Is your neighbor dealing with the same problem? In that case you might want to deal with the problem together. You’ll only have to pay call-out costs once and the standard price for solving the issue will be a lot cheaper as well.
  • Prevention is better than cure. The third saving tip may seem a bit strange at first, but certainly rings true. In the case of woodworm and longhorn, it’s always better to prevent the problem than to cure it. You can create a living environment longhorn beetles don’t like by ensuring a dry indoor climate through good ventilation. The chance that you’ll have to deal with this type of pest will be considerably reduced.
  • Select a pest controller from your area. It’s always beneficial to choose to use a local professional to fight longhorn beetle. There are always so-called call-out costs charged by a pest controller. The further away he is from your home, the higher the call-out costs will be.