House renovation costs

Your home is a valuable possession. When you move into a house, assume that you will be living in it for a few more years. You can choose to move into a new home, but more and more homeowners prefer older houses, which they will then have to renovate. This is necessary to keep your house habitable and to ensure that the house keeps up with the times. We have found out for you what a home renovation is and what it entails.

What does a house renovation entail?

Renovating your house can be quite extensive. We have looked at the different elements.

New plasters. The walls are a big part of your house. When a house has been standing for a few years, the plaster needs to be replaced. This means that the walls will be repaired, and uneven walls will be given a layer of stucco to make them beautiful and even again.

New window frames. Window frames also need to be replaced after a while – usually after about 50 years. These window frames should then be fitted with insulating glass.

Repair of the exterior walls. If the ravages of time have eaten away at your exterior wall, it too must be repaired. A bricklayer company can scrape out the old joints of your wall and apply new joint material to the wall. You can also choose to have the bricks of your outer wall cleaned. This can be done with high pressure, if your house is not too old, or with steam if it is a bit older.

A new meter cabinet. If your house still has an old-fashioned fuse box, it is best to have it replaced with a new meter cabinet with additional options when you renovate the house. You may also need to have your house fitted with a new electrical installation.

What to consider when renovating a house

Whenever you are renovating your house, there are several things you need to keep in mind. We have listed them for you.

Get a building permit. If you are having your house renovated, you will probably need to change part of the outside of your house as well. If the facade of your house changes, you will in most cases need a building permit. If you do not apply for a building permit, you will have problems with the renovation of your house, which could lead to a fine.

Check the foundation of your house. If you come across cracks in the wall when preparing to renovate your house, check with the contractor to see if there are any defects in your foundation. A poorly founded house will sag, causing cracks in the walls and endangering the construction, as well as the stability of your house.

How much does a house renovation cost?

We have investigated the costs of a house renovation for you. We came to the following price insights.

Which product or service would you like to buy? Per which unit is the price calculated How much is the price per unit?
Global cost of house renovation, average of all types of adjustments per square meter Between $25 and $330
Applying new stucco in your house with the spraying machine per square meter Between $10 and $15
Installing new window frames, including HR++ glazing per square meter Between $270 and $475
Having a new meter cabinet installed each Between $830 and $1300
Electrician’s hourly rate Per hour Between $65 and $100
Facade cleaning and joint renovation per square meter Between $60 and $85


If you are practically minded. If you are adept at do-it-yourself, you can do some of the work yourself when renovating your house. However, technical matters such as electrical work are better left to the electrician. The installation of window frames is also a job that you should outsource.

If you are not a skilled craftsman. If you are not good at do-it-yourself, it is better to outsource the entire renovation work. It is advisable to have one company do the entire work as much as possible. If one of the aspects of the renovation should cause problems later, you will then know where to point your fingers to.

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