Ventilating crawl space costs

When your house has a crawl space, it’s always important to ventilate it as optimally as possible. Good ventilation in your crawl space ensures that moisture and radon are removed in a correct and efficient way, thus preventing both stagnant air and unpleasant smells. Does your house also have a crawl space or do you want to realize one in a new building, but do you want to know what you need to take into account when it comes to ventilation? Would you also like to get a good idea of the average costs involved? We’d like to list all this information for you on this page.

What you shouldn’t do

Before we go into the possibilities as well as the costs involved to ventilate a crawl space in the house, it is important to look at the mistakes that are made. A very important mistake, for example, is that the ventilation grilles on the outside of the house are taped up. This is done to prevent cold air from entering the crawl space from outside. At first sight, this seems logical, but it isn’t. By masking these ventilation grids, a good airflow is prevented, with all possible, unpleasant consequences.

The need to ventilate a crawl space

The majority of people who choose to have crawl space in their home also choose to insulate it. Insulating a crawl space is always interesting because it can prevent a lot of heat loss, but proper ventilation is still very important. In fact, good ventilation of an insulated crawl space is even more important than if it is an insulated crawl space. However, poor ventilation is sufficient to prevent stagnant air.

How much does it cost to ventilate a crawl space?

In the meantime, it may be clear why you should ventilate a crawl space, but how to achieve this? We have listed two different, often applied options including their average cost.

Ventilation option Average cost price
Renovation shaft Between 10 & 40 dollars
Renovation shaft Between 10 & 20 dollars


The purchase of one of the above shafts obviously doesn’t mean that you can immediately realize ventilation. After all, the shafts must have the opportunity to be in contact with the outside air, which means that a special corridor needs to be created. During the construction of a crawl space, such a ‘pipe’ can easily be provided, but when it concerns an existing and non-ventilated crawl space, this is a bit more difficult. So don’t think that the purchase price of the above shafts is the only cost you have to take into account.

The additional cost charged for the installation of a floor ventilation shaft or renovation shaft always depends on the situation. Is the ventilation reasonably easy to realize and does the basement have limited dimensions? In that case, you’ll usually be able to get it done in just a few hours’ work for about a few hundred dollars. Is it a complex situation in which the realization of a ventilation shaft is not that easy? Then the total cost can be a lot higher. The average hourly rate for the realization of ventilation in a crawl space is about 40 dollars.

In view of the relatively high hourly rate charged by a professional, it is always interesting to compare the cost price for several parties who can realize ventilation in your crawl space. By making this comparison, it’s quickly possible to achieve significant savings on labor costs of up to 40 percent. It goes without saying that this makes it financially much more interesting to get ventilation in your crawl space. Even for people who have a somewhat limited budget, ventilating the crawl space in their home becomes a lot more accessible in this way. To get the best possible price and conditions, it’s always advisable to make a comparison between about four to five professionals from your area.

Interesting savings tips

If you want to provide good ventilation for your crawl space, you have to take into account a certain cost price. This price is a lot cheaper than many people think and it is also possible to realize an extra saving. We have listed some very interesting savings tips for you.

Install ventilation when realizing the crawl space. It is always important to bear in mind that the use of ventilation at the end of the construction of a crawl space is more expensive than getting ventilation done at the same time during the construction process. If you want to pay as little as possible, we recommend fitting floor ventilation ducts, as an absolute must.

Reduce call-out costs. Almost every professional nowadays charges so-called call-out costs. These costs are charged per 0.6 miles and vary from 0.30 to 0.55 dollars. Choosing to hire a professional from your area keeps the call-out costs to an absolute minimum at all times.

Ventilate the crawl space yourself? Ventilation options for a crawl space don’t have to be that difficult. There are several possibilities to ventilate a crawl space. The option you choose will ultimately determine the price you will be charged. On average, you will have to pay between 10 and 55 dollars per piece for a ventilation grille for a crawl space, excluding the installation costs. Can you realize the installation yourself? Then ventilating your crawl space will get very interesting from a financial point of view!