Paving costs

Are you thinking about paving your garden or driveway? Is it not only about the appearance but also about a good surface to park your car? We made an overview of the paving costs.

How much does paving cost?

The prices charged for paving can vary greatly from situation to situation. This has everything to do with the fact that there are various possibilities for paving. We would like to list the most important possibilities in the table below.

Product Price
Stones Between 19 & 70 dollar per ft2
Gravel / Split Between 12 & 14 dollar per ft2
Cost of paver (per hour) Between 30 & 62.70 dollar per hour
Cost of paver (per 3 foot) Between 8,18 & 19 dollar per 3ft
Call-out costs Between 0,22 & 0,49 euro per 0.6 mile
Fill and grout sand Between 50 & 70 dollar per 3ft
Curb stones Between 2,75 & 6 dollar per 3ft

Cheapest choice: If you want to keep the paving as cheap as possible, you should consider gravel or split and not tiles. The price charged for gravel varies between 12 and 14 dollars per 11 square foot. Gravel is relatively easy to lay yourself, but if you prefer to outsource it to a paver, it’ll cost you between 8 and 19 dollars per 11 square foot.

Average choice: Do you have a driveway that needs to be paved? That means you need good quality tiles. These must be able to bear the heavy weight of one or more cars. For this reason, a minimum thickness of 3 inch is recommended. Usually cobblestones are used for this. The price that is charged for cobblestones is somewhere between 35 and 40 dollars per 11 square foot.

Most luxurious choice: Do you have a large terrace that you want to pave? Would you like to use an ornamental pattern consisting of luxury tiles of natural stone? The installation of a complicated decorative pattern takes a lot more time for a paver. That’s why they often charge per hour instead of per square meter. A paver will charge between 30 and 62.65 dollars per hour. When working with natural stone such as marble, granite or slate, on the other hand, a price of between 35 and 70 dollars per 11 square foot must be taken into account.

Price structure of garden paving

Before choosing to (partially) pave your garden, you’d want to get a clear picture pf the price structure. 29% of the costs are reserved for materials. This means that as much as 71 percent of the total costs are needed to pay the labor costs.

Choices that determine the price of paving

If you choose to pave your garden, there are different choices you make that influence the price. We have listed the most important choices for you:

Choice 1: The type of material

If you wish to choose not to use tiles, but to use a different material, gravel is always an interesting choice. You can also use split.

Gravel: The cheapest option when it comes to paving is gravel. Pebbles are small, round stones that are available in a wide range of colors. You should bear in mind that you will need about 75 kg of gravel per 11 square foot. The average cost is around 12 dollars.

Split: Many people think that there is no difference between gravel and split. But they’re definitely different. Split is slightly sharper and also a bit rougher compared to gravel. This has everything to do with the fact that split is broken and sieved mechanically. Gravel gets its round shape because of nature. Another difference is that split moves around less than gravel when you walk over it. This makes split a little more durable compared to normal gravel. It also costs a little more. Split can be bought for a price of about 14 dollars per 11 square foot.

Choice 2: Types of tiles

Don’t want to use gravel, but want tiles instead? In that case you should look at the different possibilities and prices shown in the table below.

Type of pavement Price per 11 square foot Characteristics
Coupling stones Between 19 & 25.60 dollars These stones are drummed by a machine. This ensures that the sharp edges split off making it an excellent tile for people who want to give their driveway or garden a truly natural look.
Concrete paving Between 19 & 35 dollars This is solid paving that can be bought at a competitive price. Concrete paving is available in not only different sizes, but also in almost all desired colors and shapes.
Flagstones Between 24.50 & 42 dollars Flagstones are basically just flat natural stones that are available in the form of a slab or a tile.
Cobble stones Between 325 & 50 dollars Cobble stones are actually bricks that have fixed dimensions. They are always 9 x 4 x 2 inch in size. They can be bought in different colors. These are used often to pave a driveway.
Wood Between 24 & 70 dollars The main advantage of wooden tiles is that they are relatively easy to maintain. In addition, they provide a natural look.
Natural stone Between 32 & 70 dollars A natural stone paving has a natural and luxurious appearance, but is usually a lot more expensive.

Choice 3: Outsourcing paving or not?

At first sight it may seem very easy to lay a particular paving yourself, but it’s generally advised to call on the services of an experienced paver. This is because he has various tools and equipment that ensure the paving can really be laid properly. The costs depend on various factors. Think about the surface to be paved, as well as the laying pattern. In most cases, a price per 11 square foot will be charged, but for complex laying patterns, a fixed hourly rate may also be chosen. A street worker usually charges an hourly rate of between USD 30 and USD 62.70, while the price per 11 square foot is often between USD 8 and USD 19. The price per 11 square foot is usually between USD 8 and USD 19. The price per 11 square foot is the same as the price per 11 square foot of the floor area.

Choice 4: Extra options

The options below are not always necessary when paving. but sometimes they be interesting to consider. We would like to list the most important options for you.

Product Price Benefit
Boulders Between 9 & 35 dollar per 11 square foot For an extra nice look.
Separation bands Between 13 & 30 dollar per 11 square foot Separation bands are ideal for limiting level differences in your garden.
Securing bands Between 13 & 30 dollar per 11 square foot Securing bands ensure that the paving remains in place.
Gravel slabs Between 12 & 16 dollar per 11 square foot These are special slabs that ensure that the gravel remains in place.

Interesting savings tips:

The (partial) paving of your garden can be quite expensive. To ensure you save as much as possible, you should consider the following interesting saving tips:

  • Quantity discount. Is your neighbor also planning to pave his driveway? In that case, the professional will offer you a so-called volume discount. This discount is granted because the specialist does not have to incur any extra costs and can carry out two jobs at the same place. The average volume discount is around 10 percent. Please note that the discount may strongly depend on the professional of your choice.
  • Paver from your area. It is always better to pick a paver who lives nearby. This will keep any call-out charges to an absolute minimum.
  • Assist. The third and final saving tip relates to limiting the number of hours needed. By assisting the paver you can save him some time. This will bring down the final invoice.

Compare quotations

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