Alarmsystem costs

Everyone wants to live at home safely en securely. You want quiet and undisturbed living comfort. This comfort obviously doesn’t include any unwanted visitors. However, you increasingly hear about burglaries being committed. Although you think this might not happen to you, it’s possible that you are living in a high-risk neighborhood. Burglars are constantly changing their area of operation. In doing so, they don’t shy away from harsh measures. A good way to protect your home and your property against theft and burglary is to install an alarm system. We’ve figured out how much it’ll cost you.

Alarm system

Is an alarm system an expensive investment?

An alarm system sounds like a very expensive purchase. Many people imagine security cameras with a closed system. These may costs thousands of dollars. But it doesn’t have to be that expensive. You can buy an alarm system for as little as 220 dollars. However, you may upgrade it for about 750 dollars. This sounds like a considerable amount, but if you look at the damage you’d suffer when they break into your home, it’s by no means as bad as it sounds.

How much does an alarm system cost

We looked at the cost of an alarm system for you. We looked purely at the costs of the system itself and didn’t include any installation costs.

What type of alarm system do you want to purchase What are the costs of the alarm system?

Wireless; simple design Between 150 and 380 dollars

Wireless; deluxe version Between 435 and 870 dollars

Wired; simple design Between 160 and 270 dollars

Wired; Deluxe version Between 380 and 490 dollars

Installing an alarm system in a new home. If you are moving into a new, unfurnished home and want to install an alarm system, it would be best to opt for a wired system. This is the best system by far. Wired systems are the least affected by interference.

Installing an alarm in a furnished hone. If you are going to install an alarm system in a home that’s already fully furnished, it might be better to use a system that uses Wi-Fi or infrared. However, this system should be tested well in advance. The range of the installation determines if everything is working properly.

What types of alarm systems are there

You can have a detector mounted on windows and doors. This detector will sound an alarm when the door is opened. This is not an alarm system as such, but you are notified that someone is entering your home.

You can have your home equipped with a camera in one or more places. This camera will transmit motion in your home when you are not there yourself. In terms of effectiveness, this method scores average. You know that there’s movement in your home, but it doesn’t have an alarming function. You can choose the more advanced option with an alarm tone going off in your home when there’s someone in your home when you’re away.

You can opt for security with door detectors, one or more cameras and an emergency service subscription. You can use the services of a security company.

How are the costs of an alarm system composed

The cost of an alarm system is determined by the choices you make at the time of purchase. We’ve listed these choices for you.

  • Choice 1: Select a wireless or wired system. Installing a wireless installation will usually be cheaper. However, this is a system that is reasonably prone to interference. If you want a more reliable system that always has coverage, then you should opt for a wired system. Not only is this more reliable, it’ s often cheaper as well.
  • Choice 2: How extensive should your alarm system be. You can opt for a simple detector or a detector on your windows and doors. These are the exact places where a burglar usually enters your home. You are immediately informed by an alarm signal that someone is entering your home through a door or window. These aren’t that expensive.
  • Choice 3: Do you want a camera system. You can have an alarm system equipped with cameras. These cameras can be connected to your own mobile phone allowing you to remotely see what’s happening in your home from anywhere. You can also buy a camera system that sends a signal to the alarm center. They’ll take action if there’s any trouble in your home.
  • Choice 4: Do you want an emergency service subscription? You can choose to purchase an alarm system in combination with a control room subscription. This means that when something’s happening, a signal will be immediately sent to the control room. In consultation with you, they’ll check out the situation at your home. This control room subscription comes with extra costs. Expect on a total amount between 300 and 750 dollars annually, depending on the services.
  • Choice 5: Would you like to have the alarm system installed. You can also have the alarm system installed after you’ve bought it. You can have it installed by a professional security company. You’ll have to pay between 110 and 220 dollars for the installation, which will give you the certainty that your installation will work as it should.

Practical savings tips

Buy an alarm system in combination with installation and control room subscription. A combined purchase will always be cheaper than buying all components separately.

The most convenient way to save on an alarm system is to request quotations. With a click on the button below, you can request several quotations without any obligation. By comparing these, you can save up to 30 percent on the purchase of your alarm system.