Costs for Surface (Decorative) plaster

Nowadays, surface plaster is an extremely popular decorative plaster that is mainly used in newly built houses. Let us have an overview of the costs involved!

How much does surface plaster cost?

The decorative surface plaster is a plaster made of plastic. It has a regular grain structure, which gives a calm appearance to your house. The price for the installation of a surface plaster is based on several factors. For example, whether you want a wall or ceiling plastered, but also on the size of the surface. We give you an overview of the price difference between wall and ceiling plaster.

Factors Average price per square meter (including material, VAT, and labor costs)
Walls $13-$22
Upper limit $17-$27


Most economical option: If you want to have the surface plaster installed as cheaply as possible, you will have to hang it on your walls. A wall surface of about 30 square meters costs an average of $560.

Average option: Attaching the surface plaster to the ceiling always involves slightly higher costs. You should be thinking about something near $750 for a 30 square meter surface.

Hourly wage of a plasterer: You also have the option of hiring a plasterer per hour. This can be the case, especially for smaller projects. If you want to hire a plasterer, you should consider an hourly wage between $30 and $75. Please note, for large projects, it is often difficult to estimate how much time they will take. For this reason, a price per square meter is usually charged in these cases.

Decisions that influence the price of surface plaster

Four options have a direct influence on the price charged for the surface plaster:

Option 1: The place where the plaster is to be applied

First and foremost, there is the surface to which the surface plaster needs to be applied. We have already pointed out earlier that there is a price difference between a wall and a ceiling, but you must also think about how easily reachable these wall and ceiling areas are.

Option 2: The area to be plastered

You pay less money per square meter if you want to plaster a large area within your house.

Option 3: Plaster it by yourself or outsource it?

Applying a decorative plaster as a surface plaster is usually a job for specialists. However, practical do-it-yourselfers can also apply it themselves. In this way you can save a certain amount of money, but you must be sure that the plaster is applied correctly. If this is not the case, the appearance of your house will be significantly affected… and not in a positive sense.

Interesting saving tips:

When installing a surface plaster, you should consider several costs. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce these costs if you consider the following tips.

Carry out the preparatory work yourself. The costs that are charged for the installation of a surface (smoothing) plaster are partly based on any preparatory work that may be necessary. For example, it is always important to pre-treat the walls, but also to mask the entire surface before the plasterer comes on stage. This way he can immediately start with the actual plastering work, which can save you some money.

The plastering can be done in one step. Do you only have a small area that needs to be plastered, such that the price per square meter seems to be on the high end? In this case you can also decide to have several places in the house plastered. In this way the price per square meter will be lower.

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