Insect control costs

If you are dealing with insects in your garden or perhaps even in your home, it goes without saying that you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. You may be able to control insects yourself at first, but it is advisable to outsource this to a professional party. By calling on professionals you will not only have insects effectively controlled, but it also ensures that they won’t come back any time soon. Would you like to have a good idea of the insect control costs that are charged? Then read on and find out all about it on this page!

How much does fighting insects cost?

The costs for controlling insects depend on several things. There are the type of insect for example, but also how big the problem is. The costs can be found on the table below, based on the type of insect.

Type of insect Average cost price
Wasp control About 80 dollar per nest
Cockroaches About 110 dollar
Fleas About 100 dollars per hour


The costs mentioned in the table above should give you an idea of the price tag charged for insect control. However, every situation is different. This is why we’ll provide you with three specific examples.

Cheapest solution. The removal of a wasp’s nest is the cheapest when controlling insects. But wasps can be very aggressive. This means that you might want to have a professional take care of the problem. They have all the necessary products and knowledge to control a wasp nest as efficiently and safely as possible.

Average solution. Are you dealing with cockroaches in your home? These insects not only look dirty, but they also carry a lot of bacteria. That makes getting rid of them something to consider. Fighting cockroaches can be done by yourself, but in practice it’s always better to outsource this to a professional. Only a professional can make sure that the cockroaches don’t reappear after controlling them.

Extensive solution. The most expensive solution is to combat fleas. This solution is always done per hour because the professional won’t know how much time he’ll spend to clear the house of fleas. When dealing with fleas in the house it’ll cost you about 100 dollars per hour.

Price structure of controlling insects

As far as the price structure of insect control is concerned, there are usually two parts. There are material and labor costs. At 65%, labor costs are the highest. At first sight, this may seem a bit annoying, but it’s actually quite interesting. Because the labor costs make up such a large portion of the total, it means you can save on them by making a comparison between different professionals pest controllers. This applies only to a very limited extent for the cost of materials, which takes up the remaining 35 percent. Saving on this cost is not impossible, but is much more difficult.

Choices that may influence the price of insect control

Different choices you make as an owner of a house can significantly affect the cost of insect control. We’ve collected and listed these choices for you.

Choice 1: Outsourcing or not?

The first question you have to ask yourself is whether you are able to control the insects in question or not. When it comes to fleas, cockroaches or wasps, this is not recommended. Removing fleas and cockroaches in the house is anything but easy, while removing wasps always carries some risks. A professional pest controller will cost you some money, but with that it means the problem is actually solved properly and is likely to won’t reappear.

Choice 2: Animal-friendly method or not?

Fighting insects in the house is possible in two different ways. However, many people want to try the animal-friendly method first. This is done by making sure that the house is no longer attractive to the insects. This can be done by sealing seams and cracks, but also by ensuring a favorable indoor climate and by not allowing waste to linger around. When you have to deal with insects in the house and you want to fight them, it never hurts to call on a professional. He’ll be happy to visit you to give you advice. This will cost between 35 and 60 dollars.

Interesting savings tips

Are you dealing with insects and would you like to get rid of them with the help of a professional? But you also want to get the best price? In that case, you can have a look at the following savings tips:

  • Quantity discount. Aren’t you the only person in the street who has to deal with insect issues? Join forces and have it solved together. For starters, the so-called call-out costs can already be split.
  • Assist. Even though combating certain insects is not recommended to do yourself, it doesn’t mean you can’t give the professional a helping hand. By helping him you’ll save a neat bit of money!