Paving the driveway

Would you like to have your driveway paved, but you have no idea what the costs will be? We can help you with that! You’ll find a detailed overview of all the costs you have to take into account when paving your driveway!

How much does paving a driveway cost?

If you wish to have your driveway paved, these are the costs you should consider:

Product Price
Paver (per 11 square foot) Between 16 & 30 dollars
Paver (per hour) Between 40 & 70 dollars
Tiles (per 11 square foot) Between 20 & 55 dollars
Fill and joint sand (per 35 cubic foot) Between 60 & 80 dollars
Edging (per 3 foot) Between 2,75 & 6 dollars

To give you an even better idea of the average costs involved when paving your driveway, we’ve made some specific price examples. They are:

Cheapest choice. If you want to pave your driveway as cheaply as possible, you’d want to have the paving in a simple pattern, made by concrete beams. Another word for paving stones is cobble stones. They’ll cost between 16 and 30 dollars per 11 square foot for the pavers and between 16 and 30 dollars for the cobblestones.

Better quality. When you need a driveway that should be able to carry a little more weight, you might want to consider better quality. A laying pattern with baked cobblestones will do the job. Baked cobblestones have a higher quality than regular stones, but this better quality comes at a higher cost price. If you would like to pave a driveway with baked cobblestones, you can expect a price of about 25 to 55 dollar for the cobblestones (per 11 square foot) and between 16 and 30 dollar 11 square foot for the paver.

Most luxurious choice. There is also a third possibility. In this situation you choose a complicated laying pattern made from baked cobblestones. The paver will probably charge an hourly rate instead of a fixed price per 11 square foot, as opposed to the previous two price examples. The hourly rate for a paver is usually between USD 40 and USD 70. The baked cobblestones will cost between $30 and $55.

The price structure of paving your driveway

The cost of paving your driveway consists of two parts. 75% is labor costs and 25 percent material costs. With the labor costs being a major portion, it’s relatively easy to achieve savings on that.

Choices that affect the price of paving your driveway

Before ordering a paver to pave your driveway, it is important to remember that different choices can have a direct impact on the overall cost. It concerns the following issues:

Choice 1: The type of tile

You can choose from different types of tiles. The most common are concrete and baked cobblestones, but there are also other possibilities.

Concrete cobblestones: there are concrete cobblestones. These bricks are cheaper than baked cobblestones. This is because the production process for concrete cobblestones is much faster. You should also bear in mind that there is a structural difference in quality between the two types of tiles. You can also opt for full concrete cobblestones or cobblestones that have a wear layer. If they have a wear layer, the tiles are protected against weather influences and ultraviolet radiation. An extra advantage is that concrete cobblestones can be bought in almost every color. They cost between 16 and 30 dollar 11 square foot.

Baked cobblestones: These clinkers have a better quality than their concrete counterparts. They are characterized not only by a better quality, but also by a higher cost price. You can choose to buy baked cobblestones in different colors, but also in different thicknesses. Please note that the color of this type of tile is determined by the type of clay used and by the baking process.

Other tiles: There are many other types of tiles you could use for paving your driveway. But most people choose clinkers because they are sturdy and have a thickness of at least 3 inch. This thickness is necessary to ensure the weight of cars is no problem. In other words, if you want to choose a different tile, always make sure that it they are sufficiently thick.

Choice 2: Hiring a paver or not?

The second choice you have to make relates to whether or not to hire a paver. When constructing a driveway it is very important to have it laid out properly. A driveway has the function of carrying a heavy weight (in the form of cars) almost constantly. A paver is an expert who has various equipment at his disposal to ensure that. For example, no tiles need to be lifted. When hiring a paver you’ll pay more, but you’ll save time and effort. A standard pattern usually has a fixed price per square meter. If you want to have a complicated pattern, it’ll cost between 40 and 70 dollars per hour.

Choice 3: Possible extra options

You can add several options for paving your driveway. These also have an influence on the final cost you will have to pay.

Product Price Advantage
Boulders Between 7,50 & 40 dollars 11 square foot Makes your driveway look nice
Separation bands Between 8 & 30 dollars per 3 foot Useful if there is a height difference in your garden or flower beds.
Securing bands Between 3 & 5 dollars per 3 foot Ensures that the paving remains extra securely in place.

Interesting savings tips:

Are you also going to pave your driveway and would like to do so for the lowest possible price? Then have a look at the following savings tips:

Choose a paver from your area. Using a paver from nearby makes sense. This ensures that the so-called call-out costs are limited and that the supply and removal of material takes less time.

Do some work yourself. If possible, try to give the road worker a helping hand. He’ll need less time to pave your driveway and that’ll reflect in the final invoice. A good idea, for example, is to remove the old tiles, plants and any excess soil yourself.

Volume discount. Is your neighbor thinking about having (new) paving? Then you might want to join forces and hire a paver together. You’ll be able to get an interesting discount of about 10 percent. Please note that the volume discount you’ll receive depends on the paver. So the message is to make a good comparison!

Compare offers save money

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