Floor repair costs

Your own home is a precious possession. You’ve probably spent a lot of money on furnishing it. The floor is usually the most valuable part of your home furnishings. You’ve chosen it with care and with the future in mind. A floor should stay beautiful for years to come. If you consider that an average floor should last between 15 and 50 years, it’s a shame to have to replace it after a few years. Yet many homeowners are doing this. The reason is simple. The floor will lose its beauty in the first few years. We have looked at the alternative for you; floor repair.

What floor defects can you repair

Most homeowners prefer hard floors these days. This is the most logical choice. A hard floor is easy to clean and a hard floor is strong enough to last a long time. We’ve listed the things you can have repaired in a floor.

The floor warps. A wooden floor can easily become warped when it’s a few years old. We call this phenomenon ‘saucers’. You can still repair a warped wooden floor. This is done by carefully sanding the uneven floor with a light grain. The result is that you get a nice even wooden floor that you can repaint (or have repainted). A warped floor doesn’t have to be the end of your hardwood floor.

Damage to the floor. A laminate floor is an affordable alternative to a hardwood floor. However, there is one major difference between laminate and hardwood flooring. You’ll notice this difference when the floor has been there for some time. A laminate floor is much less resistant to damages from household goods compared to a hardwood floor. A pit or dent in laminate flooring is very likely to happen. That means that a piece of the top layer is shattered. The result is annoying; your laminate floor looks battered. You can have this floor repaired with a repair layer.

Repair a PVC floor. A PVC floor is very popular these days. It combines the best of several worlds. You have the convenience of PVC, which is laid with an adhesive layer, and you also have the appearance of a laminate floor. A PVC floor is a bit vulnerable because of the material. A deep scratch is easily made. In that case, you’ll have to remove the PVC strip or tile and lay a new PVC strip. This is a job you can outsource or you can do it yourself.

How much does it cost to have a floor repaired?

We asked several parquet installers about the cost of repairing a floor. We came to the following findings.

What product or service Per which unit is the price calculated What is the price per unit
Sanding and repainting hardwood floors Per 11 square feet Between 40 and 60 dollars
Repair damage in laminate flooring Per tube of 230 grams of laminate repair kit Between 6 and 8 dollars
Repairing PVC floor Per one strip of PVC floor Between 13 and 27 dollars
Hourly wage flooring specialist Per hour, excluding call-out costs Between 50 and 70 dollar

If you’re a DIY-specialist. If you are a DIY specialist, you can repair the floor yourself. You can buy most materials to repair a laminate or PVC floor in the shop, and they come with a clear manual. The only thing you shouldn’t do yourself is to sand and varnish a parquet floor. This is a rather dusty job that isn’t healthy.

If you’re not a DIY-specialist. If you don’t have the skills to repair a floor, you should order a flooring specialist to do the job for you. The flooring specialist will charge you an hourly rate and, if necessary, travel expenses.

How is the price tag composed?

How much you pay for repairing a floor is up to you based on the choices you make. We have listed the choices for you.

  • Choice 1: How big is the damage to your floor? If your entire floor is damaged due to old age and overdue maintenance, a replacement may be the best choice. You can start to repair an old floor, but there is a good chance that you’ll constantly need to fix it. If there’s only one spot where the floor has been damaged, then it’s a worthwhile option to repair the floor.
  • Choice 2: What’s the cause of the damage? When a floor is damaged by an accident, you may not even have to pay for the repair costs yourself. In such cases, you can often call on your house insurance, even in the event of an accident caused by your own fault.
  • Choice 3: What material is your floor made of? This goes without saying. A floor made of PVC strips is cheaper to repair than a hardwood floor. The reason is that PVC strips are more affordable to repair compared to a wooden floor. Repairing a wooden floor takes a lot more work as well.

Practical savings tips

Buy a spare kit with your floor. If you are buying a laminate floor or a PVC floor, it is a good idea to buy some extra. You can buy an extra package of laminate or PVC. You can use this when there’s unexpected damage to your floor. The PVC strips or the laminate you are buying now may no longer be available in that color in the future

Requesting quotations

The quickest way to save on repairing a floor is to request quotations. You can do this very easily below, with just one click on the button. You can request several quotations to compare with each other, without obligation. Comparing these quotations can may save you up to 40 percent.