Dormer painting costs

Are you planning to have the dormer windows of your house painted? But you don’t have any idea what the prices are and what possibilities there are to have your dormer painted? We have listed all possibilities and prices for you!

Dormer painting price

If you have had a dormer placed, you should have in mind that the paintwork has to be renewed about once every five years. This not only ensures that the dormer keeps its original appearance, it’ll also lasts much longer. If you wish to have a dormer window painted, these are the prices:

Hourly rate incl. paint & material Average total price
Between 40 & 50 dollar per hour Between 500 & 1000 dollars

As the above doesn’t paint a complete picture of the price, we’ve made three specific examples. Based on the type of work, we’ve specified a price.

Small paintwork: The painting of the dormer window in your home will cost about 490 dollars including paint, material and scaffolding.

Average paintwork: Having a complete dormer window painted usually costs you about 500 dollars. This price includes the price for the paint that was used as well as the material and scaffolding rental.

Large paintwork: Would you like to not only have the dormer window painted, but the window frames and windows as well? In that case the costs are between 1000 & 1050 dollars. This price also includes paint, equipment and scaffolding.

Choices that have an influence on the price:

The price you have to take into account for the painting of your dormer is influenced by various factors. It is mainly the price charged by the painter that will determine the invoice. It is possible to save on price by having your dormer painted in various ways. For example, you can choose to buy the paint yourself, but it is also possible to combine several painting jobs. In any case, we’ve listed the different choices that influence the price tag of painting your dormer window:

Choice 1: The painter

If you have your dormer window painted by exterior painters, please note that you’ll deal with a price per hour. Painting a dormer window involves a lot of work and all the details are important. That’s why an hourly rate will be somewhere between 50 and 60 dollars per hour. Always check if the painter of your choice includes the costs of renting a scaffolding or not. If this is not the case, it’ll be invoiced additionally.

Choice 2: Paint

In most cases, the painter will bring the paint himself. However, as a customer you might want to buy the paint yourself. Some dormers maybe primed already. In that case you only need to apply a covering paint and lacquer. Please note that in the case of plastic and aluminium dormers, you need primer so the paint can be applied in an appropriate manner. The table below provides a clear pictures of the prices per 0.3 gallon of paint and how to use it.

Type of paint Price per 0.3 gallon Square foot per 0.3 gallon Particulars
Primer Between 30 & 50 dollars 75 to 140 Under layer
Stain and lacquer Between 30 & 65 dollars 97 to 161 Protective layer
Opaque paint Between 30 & 60 dollars 43 to 97 Paints for indoor and outdoor use


You have more things in and around your house you need to have painted? It’s always interesting to combine multiple jobs. In this situation, the painter will usually provide a total price with a discount for you. The table below will give you a good picture of the average prices charged by painters for an outdoor painting project. Please note that these are average prices, which means that there may still be some differences. The complexity of the painting, just like the size of the surface to be painted, is always decisive for the price tag. But these prices should give a clear picture of the costs.

Type of house Average costs for outdoor painting including labor, paint, material
Apartment Between 1035 & 1.150 dollars
Townhouse Between 1.500 & 1.750 dollars
Corner house Between 3.200 & 3.400 dollars
Detached house Starting from 7.000 dollars

Interesting savings tips

The price tag for painting the dormer window may vary. By now you also know that you can save a considerable amount of money by having various painting jobs done in one go. By taking into account the tips below, you might even save some extra. We are happy to list more saving tips.

Get a maintenance subscription. Painting a dormer is something that you would rather leave to real professionals. If you want to keep the costs of painting a dormer as low as possible, it is a good idea to subscribe to a maintenance subscription. It is often possible to do this for a period of 5, 10 or 15 years. This maintenance subscription ensures that the painter will do a check-up of the painting every year and once every five years will perform a major maintenance. Overall, a maintenance subscription will save you about 20% in the long run.

Compare quotes and save money

You can save the most money by comparing several quotations. Luckily you can compare up to 6 quotations from local painters in one go via our website. This allows you to compare the costs and ultimately save up to 30%. Click on the button below and fill in your details. You will receive up to 6 quotations in your mailbox (no obligation) and start comparing.